Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Dog is a Beast

I’ve switched to dollar store toys, because my dog is a beast.
Tiny and Lil Dog were hanging out with me while I worked. Tiny was being unusually good. I turned around to check on here and discovered why she was being unusually good.

It used to look like this:

More evidence my dog is a beast:
Her water dish outside is a very large Pyrex mixing bowl. It’s the only dish in the house that is too heavy for her to pick-up and walk around with.
The 2 Dura Chew bones had to be tossed because she is now eating some of the nubs off of the bones (these nubs are not supposed to come off and they are not edible).
She chewed through her harness – she is now rocking a dollar store harness since this has become a habit. The new harness is blue and reflective (I tend to lose her in the yard at night). The blue harness and pink collar throw people off. I just tell them she is gender-creative.
Her leather leash, which I bought for its durability since my parents have had the same leather leash since the 70’s, now looks like this:

Fortunately, these are the things she chews on, not the furniture, baseboards, or sheetrock. Oh, but she did eat the old cable line that used to run to the house. I guess it’s a good thing we switched service providers.


  1. Hmm, maybe get a regular collar for her tags that she wears all the time and then only put the harness on for walks. If you want to invest in some long lasting toys, check out http://www.westpawdesign.com. We have the "Hurley" bone and Jax has yet to kill it. I think I might get the Jive Ball next.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the website, I'll check it out. I bought new bones for the two pups and Tiny has already chewed the nubs off again. So much for chews toys make for "hearty" chewers. As for the harness, I leave it on her during the day because it's a better handle than her collar when I need to pull her off of Lil Dog for batdogging. And speaking of ID tags, they are on her collar which is wears at all times, but I failed to mention that she keeps eating her tags and the tag for the chip is no longer legible as a result.