Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life as a service dog is out of the question

Aimee managed to break her foot while sitting down. True story, she really is that talented. This means that she either hobbles around the house on crutches or rolls around in the wheelchair. This has made me realize that Tiny Dog will never be a service dog.
Why, you ask? Because:
1.    She has managed to get rolled over by the wheelchair.
2.    She stole a picture frame off the shelf and Aimee had to chase her around on crutches to get it back. Tiny Dog loved this new game.
3.    Aimee left her dinner on the coffee table and when she returned from getting a drink, Tiny had eaten half of it.
4.    Tiny is afraid of crutches which works well when you need Tiny Dog to stop bat dogging Lil Dog. Just shake the crutch at her and she runs away.
5.    Tiny Dog likes to jump on Aimee’s broken foot and try and eat her boot.
The only sign that there may be hope is that Aimee dropped something on the ground and Tiny was standing next to her when she did it. Aimee told Tiny to pick it up and give it to her and she did! Granted, she probably picked it up to chew on it, but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

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