Monday, July 9, 2012

Danananananana Dananananananana Bat Dog!

Sometimes even a dog needs a timeout. When little kids get tired, they can get cranky, fussy, and a little wild. Apparently the same holds true for puppies. When the clock strikes 9pm, Tiny Dog goes into what we like to refer to as Bat Dog mode. Bat Dog mode goes something like this:
  • Tiny Dog gets a wild look in her eye
  • Tiny Dog crouches down
  • Tiny Dog launches herself at Lil Dog, all four legs out, sugar glider style, ears flapping in the breeze and mouth open
  • Tiny Dog lands on Lil Dog, who is always surprised even when she sees it coming

This process repeats itself until Lil Dog is so riled up that the two of them are causing more commotion than free beer on a college campus.

The bigger Tiny Dog gets, the more trouble this is. In fact, she just jumped off the bench and bat-dogged Lil Dog. She smacked her face on the ground in the process but didn’t seem too phased. Probably because she runs into stuff all of the time. 

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