Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life Lessons

I have learned a lot since getting Tiny Dog. Having a puppy is full of invaluable life lessons. I thought I would share a few:

  • When you get a second dog, the amount of hair in the house does not double, it quadruples. I am not sure how this happens, but I can only assume it is either science or magic.
  • Old dogs can be taught new tricks. Lil Dog has learned the command to lie down, granted this is probably only because she sees that Tiny Dog gets treats when she does it.
  • Wildlife netting is not sufficient to keep out puppies.
  • The phrase “What are you eating/chewing on?” is my new go-to.
  • I now find silence unsettling if both dogs are not within my line-of-sight.
  • A puppy can grow from the time you leave for the grocery to the time you get back. Once again, this is either science or magic.
  • Puppies are very durable, like Tupperware. If they land on their face, chances are they will shake it off.
  • When you get a puppy, you no longer leave your shoes on the floor. You put them on top of furniture instead.
  • When you get a puppy, you no longer leave the remote control on the coffee table where the puppy can reach it.
  • When you get a puppy, “sleeping in” means the puppy slept past her usual wake-up time of 6am.
  • Getting a puppy can cause you to question your ability to ever raise a child and have it survive the first few years of its life.
  • It is likely that your puppy will be super sweet and adorable when she meets new people but be a holy terror when you are alone with her. I am convinced this is a secret puppy pact that they all make…be really cute in public so everyone finds a home, then you can do whatever the hell you want! MUAHAHAHA!

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