Thursday, June 21, 2012

You did WHAT to the dog?

Every time someone sees Tiny Dog, they ask me what she is.  She’s a mutt from the pound and their guess is as good as mine. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m over it and want to know, so I ordered a Mixed Breed Identification Kit from Wisdom Panel. The kit came with a couple of swabs to swab her cheek. You then send it off and in three weeks receive the results.

Have you ever tried to swab the inside of a dog’s cheek? It’s like trying to bathe a cat. Once it was done, I shot Aimee an email to let her know “I swabbed Tiny and dropped it in the mail.” This was the reply I got back:

I just read that and I thought it said, ‘I stabbed Tiny and put her in the mail,’ and I was a bit horrified.”

Sure she drive me nuts, and no Tiny and I were not on speaking terms last night, but I still love the little terror.

So what are your guesses as to what she is?

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