Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Terrifying Morning

I was sitting in the recliner, plugging away on a spreadsheet with Lil Dog on the footrest and Tiny next to me in another chair. I had the backdoor slightly open so that they could come and go throughout the day. Then it happened. I heard an animal running on the back deck and it sounded like it was headed straight for the door. I panicked. Literally, panicked.

I had visions of bloodshed: Tiny has never met a cat, she is going to want to play with it and it will claw her eyes out and possibly eat her! Lil Dog hates cats, she is going to attack it and partially kill it and then I will be left with someones pet, half-dead, on the living room floor.

All of this was running through my head as I tried to scramble out of the chair, with Lil Dog laying on my legs, laptop in my lap, two phones, a mouse, a power cord. NONE OF MY LIMBS OR ELECTRONICS (or Lil Dog) WOULD COOPERATE AND MOVE QUICKLY ENOUGH! The sound was getting closer, the animal was coming in the house! It sounded huge and was jingling like it had a collar. OMG someone has a domesticated PUMA! My dogs are going to die!

Then it happened:

In walked Tiny. Apparently she was not in the chair next to me. My chest hurt for a few minutes after that. I think that is what a heart attack feels like. I also think that is the amount of adrenaline necessary to lift a car off of a baby.

Note: I blame my overly dramatic reaction on my dramatic friends. Clearly they are rubbing off on me. 


  1. Hey, I saw that you had a dog and I was hoping I could ask a question about your dog?!